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Services and Activities

In order to help and support organizations to propel and advance their usage and scaling of digital badges, we provide our collective expertise, experience and network in several ways and services.


Aiming as a first and reliable entry point to the world of digital credentialing and badging, BadgEurope developed a “tool kit” aiming especially at NGOs and smaller initiatives, but also covering e.g. credentialing-based hiring. It will help you do the right planning for roll-out, technical decisions etc.

Roll-out consulting

ICoBC offers coaching and consulting to its members on a vendor-neutral base, through its unique network of experts and partnering organizations. The goal is to help you planning, starting, establishing and refining your credentialing program to create impact and recognition.


Especially designed for organizations that have established first credentialing and badging projects, but want to further strive for recognition of the quality of their programs, the ICoBC offers to audit and accredit your credentialing program, based on a detailed assessment, review and certification.


In the masterclasses, you will learn about the concepts, benefits and challenges of digital identity, verified credentials, skills taxonomies and recognition of capabilities through badges. You will also gain practical skills and experience in creating, issuing, verifying and sharing credentials using various tools and platforms.

Resources, Reports and Links

From global initiatives, projects and publications around Digital Badges and Credentials, we provide a permanently updated list give you an overview of what’s going on.

ICoBC Symposium

Our annual conference focuses on various aspects of digital badges and verifiable credentials. The first conference under the theme “from theory to practice” was dedicated to the practitioners, the second conference under the theme “the journey of the champions” featured the change makers within issuer organizations and the third conference under the theme “connecting the dots” puts the verifiers at the center.

OpenBadges Server

We run an OpenBadges Server to issue Badges on behalf of ICoBC, but also to provide a playground for interested organizations. Further, we provide links to the server repositories.

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