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ICoBC Symposium

Symposium 2023

Connecting the dots

The 2023 Symposium of the International Council on Badges and Credentials (ICoBC) will explore the theme of “connecting the dots” between open badges, micro-credentials and verifiable credentials. The symposium will showcase how these digital credentials can enhance learning, recognition and employability in a rapidly changing world. The symposium will also feature best practices, case studies and research from various sectors and regions. The symposium will be an opportunity to network, collaborate and exchange ideas with experts, practitioners and innovators in the field of digital credentialing.

Join us for this exciting event and learn how to connect the dots for a better future of learning and work on 21/11/2023 in Berlin (Germany).

Symposium 2022

The Journey of the Champions

The Champions, or also sometimes called “intrapreneurs”, are following a vision that is bigger than the tasks that they are assigned to at their workplace. They understand that building ecosystems with other organizational, governmental and educational stakeholders is key for scaling their programs – be it for internal mobility, increased engagement, or leveraging the potential of the growing gig-economy. At ICoBC, we think that such Champions are a true source of inspiration for the community and that supporting them in their scaling their network, the entire community benefits.

The 2nd Symposium of ICoBC was held on 22/11/2022 in Berlin (Germany).

Symposium 2021

From Theory to Practice

The International Council on Badges and Credentials [ICoBC] envisages its symposium to identify pathways “From Theory to Practice”, the theme of the event. In line with its statutes to ensure a systemic view, ICoBC has invited a range of experts and stakeholders to provide input from different perspectives: the views from companies, education providers, ministries and associations. Two additional strings will be woven into the event with 21st century skills and digital identity to connect the various organisational and individual stakeholders.

The 1st Symposium of ICoBC was held on 30/11/2023 in Berlin (Germany).