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Self-service starter pack

The following toolkit was developed by the BadgEurope project and co-developed with the ICoBC. It provides several modules that should enable small and medium organizations to kickoff a digital credentialing and badging program.

The toolkit consists of the following components:

  • Self-assessment survey to generate recommendations based on your specific needs and situation. It further helps to think about important dimensions affecting the success of your program.
  • Project Canvas to capture important information, decisions and plans about your project. It helps creating a shared vision, but works also as a reference point in the course of the planning and roll-out.
  • Demo on our Badging-Server to play with OpenBadges, to better understand the specific requirements of your project. Together with our first-steps documentation, you will be able to better judge if you need an own-hosted server, a LMS / LXM integration, or an external service provider.