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We welcome organisations and individuals to support our mission by becoming member of the ICoBC.

Fees (per year) in EUR

Please note that these fees are in EUR and net, VAT might apply1 – 2526 – 100101 – 500501 – 1.0001.001 – 5.0005.001  +
Associations / Networks #organisational members600,001.000,001.400,001.800,002.200,002.600,00
Governments and Inter-Governmental Organizations (UN, Federal Agencies etc.)* #staff400,00800,001.200,001.600,002.000,002.400,00
Small, Medium and Large Enterprises #staff500,001.500,002.500,003.500,004.500,005.500,00
Publicly Accredited Education Providers #staff800,001.400,002.000,002.600,003.200,003.800,00
Individual Members*

* VAT may be due depending on your location.

Organizational Membership Application Form ICoBC

Please apply via email to, if you want to become a member with your organization.

If you have any questions, please send an email to Please find our here our Data protection policy.