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OpenBadges Server

One of the biggest problems of OpenBadges is that it is not easy to play and make first experiences without signing a contract. With the ICoBC OpenBadges server, we want to give this opportunity and show how it works.

The OpenBadges of ICoBC server bases on the recent OpenSource version of Badgr, and runs at . It is provided by relevantive GmbH.

We use this server also to issue own OpenBadges, e.g. for the attendance of the Symposium 2021.

We wrote a quick introduction about how it works.

If you want to play with OpenBadges or use it to issue them for a non-profit purpose, please contact Jan Muehlig.

We also provide the Badgr Front-end and Back-end repositories so that you can play with your own installation. Contact us if you need some competent people to help you if you get stuck.