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Who we are

Advisory Board and Executive Committee

Our Executive Committee is composed of elected members of the organization who have decision-making authority and responsibility for the overall direction and strategy of the organization. Our Advisory Board is composed of external experts who provide advice and guidance to the organization on specific issues or areas of interest. It is focused on providing feedback and recommendations on long-term plans and opportunities.

Contact us

We are collaborating with a range of Non-Governmental and Intergovernmental Organizations on particular clusters, e.g. with the World Health Organization on upskilling the global healthcare community. Our support ranges from consultancy on their academy’s credentials to their non-formal and formal recognition both nationally and internationally.

Please reach out to us, if you are a decision maker at an NGO or INGO and you want to add value to the credentials that you are ofering in line with the expertise of your cluster.


As a association according to German law (“Verein”), our constitution (in German) is publicly available. Contact us if you want to learn more.