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Whom we serve

Here are some example projects for different target groups:


We are supporting the German government in rolling-out an infrastructure to facilitate lifelong learning, from K12 to Higher Education, adult learning and vocational training. The technical backbone is based on verifiable credentials, data wallets, SSO and self-souvereign identity. Our role is to provide guidance on funding as well as bringing key stakeholders together to facilitate prototyping in specific areas (compliance, health, education etc.).

Please reach out to us, if you are a decision maker at a regional or national government with similar plans.


We are helping Kiron students to find employment through a network of train-the-trainers, coaches and specific job readiness programs. Kiron students typically represent vulnerable groups such as refugees and other people who are dealing with geographical or sectoral transition. Badges and credentials are playing a crucial role in connecting representatives of the corporate sector to open their network to those who need it most and therefore actively fight typical “social bubbles”.

Please reach out to us, if you are a decision maker at an educational organisation who wants to be connected to the labor market and/or other educational organisations abroad.


We have built a sandbox for LinkedIn to experience the power of badges and credentials within certain programs such as “Volunteer of the Month”. We are also linking Future Skills to volunteering and are advising on how to create transparent career pathways as well as internal mobility options in performance review settings. We are also working with the business development and product team at LinkedIn to mainstream badges and credentials.

Please reach out to us, if you are a decision maker at a corporation who wants to amplify internal mobility and career transparency through badges and credentials.


We are working with the Union of International Associations on enabling associations to implement member badges that include information such as Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in order to grow ecosystems of mutual understanding of commonly implemented badges and credentials. One of the key resources that we are leveraging is the International Yearbook on International Organizations / Associations with more than 68.000 entries.

Please reach out to us, if you are a decision maker at an association and you want to grow your own ecosystem of credential-value.


We are collaborating with a range of Non-Governmental and Intergovernmental Organizations on particular clusters, e.g. with the World Health Organization on upskilling the global healthcare community. Our support ranges from consultancy on their academy’s credentials to their non-formal and formal recognition both nationally and internationally.

Please reach out to us, if you are a decision maker at an NGO or INGO and you want to add value to the credentials that you are ofering in line with the expertise of your cluster.