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Masterclass Lite 2023 on Digital Badges & (Micro-)Credentials

+++ The Masterclass Lite has started, new admissions are closed now +++

The Masterclass starts on the 9th of October 2023 and consists of 4 weekly live sessions, pre-reading and assignments (total 10 hours)
+ self-study options (~10 hours in addition).

Welcome to the Masterclass Lite on Digital Identity, Open Badges and Verifiable (Micro-)Credentials. 

This masterclass will introduce you to the concept of digital identity and verifiable credentials, and how they can be used to recognize and showcase your skills and capabilities in various contexts. You will learn about the benefits and challenges of using open badges and credentials for yourself, your organization and your stakeholders, and how they can support your career development and lifelong learning. You will also explore some practical examples and use cases of open badges and credentials in different sectors and domains, and how they align and translate skills across different frameworks and standards. Finally, you will discover how to become a champion of open badges and credentials in your own context and network, and how to create, issue and manage your own badges and credentials using online platforms and tools. This masterclass will equip you with the knowledge, skills and tools to leverage the power of digital identity and verifiable credentials for yourself and others.

Successful participants will be rewarded with a digital badge. The course material will remain accessible for three months.

Costs: 180 EUR + VAT

If you are from a middle or low-income country and eligible for a discount, you can send a link to your LinkedIn profile for verification to in order to receive a discount voucher. This offer is in partnership with eLearning Africa.

If you want to book by tax-exempted invoice, please send an email with your organization, full name, address, VAT number and further information e.g., in discount eligibility. to

The Masterclass Lite is designed to be interactive, engaging and hands-on, with a mix of lectures, discussions, exercises and assignments to transform knowledge into applied capabilities. Every week, you will spend one our in Live Sessions (at 1pm CET on Mondays).

Here is an overview of the curriculum for the four sessions:

Week 1: Introduction to Digital Identity and Verifiable (Micro-)Credentials

Date: 09th of October 2023
Time: 1 PM CET

Questions answered:

  • What is a digital identity and why does it matter?
  • What are open badges and credentials and why are they important?
  • What are the benefits and challenges of using verifiable credentials for individuals, providers and stakeholders? What are some examples and use cases of open badges and credentials in different sectors and domains?
  • How do open badges and credentials work and what are the key components and standards?

Week 2: Application of Digital (Micro-)Credentials for Skills Recognition and Career Development

Date: 16th of October 2023
Time: 1 PM CET
Registration: (if not yet registered for week 1)

Questions answered:

  • What are skills taxonomies and why are they important for verifiable credentials?
  • How can verifiable credentials support the alignment and translation of skills across different contexts and domains?
  • How can verifiable credentials enable the recognition of non-formal and informal learning and capabilities?
  • How can verifiable credentials facilitate the connection and communication between learners, providers and employers?
  • How can you create and issue your own open badges and credentials using online platforms and tools?

Week 3: Empowering Champions for System Change

Date: 23th of October 2023
Time: 1 PM CET
(if not yet registered for week 1 or 2)

Questions answered:

  • Who are the champions of open badges and credentials and what are their roles and responsibilities?
  • How can you identify and engage with potential champions in your context and network? 
  • How can you support and empower champions to adopt, implement and advocate for open badges and credentials? Why is Change Management important?
  • How do you establish the Operational Framework to work with everyone in your organization and badge ecosystem?
  • How can you determine what to badge, including what types of activities can (and should) be badged and where should you start?
  • What do you need to know about badge design from definitions to visual design?
  • How can you evaluate and measure the impact of open badges and credentials on system change?

Week 4: Building Pathways Between Badges and Job Opportunities

Date: 30th of October 2023
Time: 1 PM CET
(if not yet registered for week 1, 2 or 3)

Questions answered:

  • What are Pathways and How Have They Been Successfully Implemented?
  • How Do You Define the Goal of Your Pathway?
  • Which Occupations Should Your Pathway Target?
  • How Do You Select Badges and Establish Milestones Towards Your Career Destination?
  • How Do You Ensure the Skills in Your Pathways Align with Target Jobs?
  • How Do You Build a Pathway with Badges that Qualify a Candidate for a Specific Role?
  • How Do You Evaluate Your Pathway with an Employer?

The team:

The Masterclass Lite is taught by experts from ICoBC, the Digital Badge Academy and Navigatr.

David Leaser is a professional who helps organizations develop skills-based hiring and talent programs. He has a passion for innovation and a proven record of designing, developing and launching innovative skills-based programs and services. He has worked with companies like IBM, Microsoft and Apple and won awards for innovation from various organizations. He is interested in doing things that bring extreme value to organizations and real meaning in people’s lives. He is results-driven, always looking for ways to do things better and faster and measure the success. He has experience in HR Tech, Ed Tech, program development, transformation, training and talent development. He has authored multiple white papers, developed training videos and materials, and presented at major industry events. He is also an award-winning photographer and a loving husband and pet owner.

Jan Muehlig is the founder and CEO of Studio Good, a design agency that helps clients create meaningful digital products and services. He is also a board member of relevantive AG, a company that specializes in user experience research and consulting, and Open Usability e.V., a non-profit organization that promotes usability in open source software. Jan has a background in computer science and studied at various universities in Germany, Switzerland, and the USA. He is a certified agile coach and trainer, and a member of, a platform for open badges and digital credentials. Jan is interested in topics such as Neal Stephenson, Japan, sailing, and Aston Martin.

Jim Daniels is a seasoned business leader who has over two decades of experience in managing and delivering technology-related education, sales support, and services for global organizations. He has a diverse background in people management, talent development, finance, technical marketing, and business development. He specializes in creating and managing skills accreditation and digital credential programs, education development and delivery services, and product and solution delivery life-cycle management. He also excels in leading and mentoring large global teams, transforming and re-engineering business processes, managing international shared services operations, developing cross-departmental communications and planning strategies, and overseeing financial planning and management. He has a deep understanding of IT education delivery and digital credentialing, as well as a strong ability to implement process improvements that enhance revenue, efficiency, and profitability. He is a bold and effective communicator who can initiate and lead innovative and focused teams and programs.


Rolf Reinhardt is a Senior Account Director at LinkedIn who helps government, education, and non-profit organizations achieve their talent objectives using LinkedIn’s products and solutions. He has a strong background in account management, technology deployment, research, and networking in the social impact sector, with more than 17 years of experience. He is also active in several global initiatives and networks that focus on enhancing the quality and recognition of digital badges and credentials across various sectors. He is passionate about creating economic opportunities at scale, especially for those who need them most, and learning from diverse perspectives and experiences

Tim Riches, a leading ed-tech entrepreneur, champions digital badges to forge career pathways linking learning and work. Launching the UK’s first badging platform drew attention from the City and Guilds Group, resulting in an acquisition. Under Tim, they moved from paper certificates to Open Badges, transforming the UK’s learning recognition landscape. Collaborating with Mozilla Firefox, he expanded Open Badges’ UK and international reach while also serving on the IMS Global One Tech board. His work in the field resulted in earning the BETT Innovation Award twice. Tim co-founded the Cities of Learning project, leading to the creation of the Navigatr platform focused on connecting learning experiences with education and career prospects. Utilising AI, Navigatr tailors badges to today’s job market, connecting skills with job roles. Tim will share tools and insights into creating badges that enrich educational and career pathways.

Sponsors and supporters:

Sponsorship options:

By sponsoring this masterclass, you will not only contribute to the professional development of individuals but also support the wider adoption and implementation of open badges and verifiable credentials across various sectors and domains.

In return for your sponsorship, we will provide the following benefits:

  • Prominent Recognition: Your organization will be recognized as the official sponsor of the masterclass, both during the course sessions and in our communication materials.
  • Brand Visibility: We will prominently display your organization’s logo on our website, course materials, and communication channels, ensuring exposure to our extensive audience, which includes over 30,000 eLearning specialists reached through newsletters and other communication outreach.
  • Networking Opportunities: Given an extensive expertise in the topic, we invite you to participate as a guest speaker or panelist during one of the course sessions, giving you a platform to share your organization’s insights and perspectives with the participants.
  • Access to Talent: By sponsoring the masterclass, you will gain access to a pool of talented professionals who have developed a deep understanding of open badges and verifiable credentials. This can present valuable recruitment opportunities for your organization.

Sponsorship is available from 1,000 EUR + VAT. The deadline for sponsorship options is the 16th of September 2023. Please send us an email to elaborate the options. We look forward to hearing from you.