There are much more credentialing systems out there than the ones that issue Open Badges and are certified by IMS Global. The question is of course what do you want to achieve with your digital credentialing system: is it a simple digital certification that should be sealed securely? Or should it be designed to fit an open ecosystem of issuing, receiving, claiming and porting? The ICoBC hosts virtual workshops for small groups of organisations who want to know more about this initial goal setting e.g., in line with our Badges and Credentials Maturity Framework for Large Organisations (BCM-FLO). Please let us know if you want to join one of these workshops.

Once you have set your goal, e.g. to roll-out badges primarily internally or for a certain training program, you can shortlist the providers that you want to choose. These general criteria will help you to compare:

  • Look & Feel: Is the platform customizable? How does it look on different devices and applications?
  • Authoring: How easy is it to create badges and edit them?
  • Expiration: Can the credential expire?
  • Withdrawal: Can the credential be withdrawn by the issuer?
  • Claiming: What possibilities do exist to claim the badge publicly as well as to restrict access to the claim?
  • Interoperability: What possibilities do you have to import and export credentials?
  • Interoperability Standards: Which standards are supported (e.g. Open Badges 2.0, W3C Verifiable Credentials etc.)?
  • Verification: How are credentials verified and trusted?
  • Sealing: What cryptographic ways are in place to avoid tampering the credential?
  • Stackability: Is it possible to combine credentials and stack them towards a higher-level credential?
  • Taxonomy: What ways exist to align the credential with employer’s, education and labor market taxonomies?
  • Authentication: Is it possible to use organisational SSO as a Single-Sign-On or other ways of a Unique Identifier to minimize data?
  • Rights management: Can you cascade the possibility to edit, issue and manage the issuing process of badges?
  • Attributes for rights management: Does the platform support attributes for the rights management and group building?
  • Location: Where are the servers where the credentials are stored?
  • Hosting: Can I host the server myself?
  • Analytics: Which possibilities exist to track claiming, viewers of the credential, interactions etc.?
  • Support: Which services are included and which ones have to be paid for?